Diseases have many causes and likewise they have many solutions. But it is interesting to note that all methods do not suit all patients. I believe that is because different people have different karmas and they respond to treatment in their unique way. So, one glove will not fit all. Our endeavor is to find out the customized solutions to our patients’ problems.
Blood Pressure is a common disease throughout. There are different causes and it is not confined to age or place. There are various solutions to it.
Lie down in a tub. There are spe4cially designed spinal bath tubs in the market. Fill the tub with water. Lie in such a way that only the spine is in the water and the rest of the body is all dry. It relaxes the parasympathetic nervous system. This bath helps in the reduction of blood pressure and induction of sleep.
Alternate to this is taking a wet towel and lying on it in such a way that only the spine is wet and the rest of you is dry. One can do this if spinal tub is not available. The width of the towel needs to be 6”-9”. This is an excellent treatment for insomnia, anxiety, depression.
Make the patient sit with his feet in hot water and put his hand in hot water and a cold compress on his head. This helps in the relaxation of the mind.
Regular practice of Anulom and Vilom is necessary for high blood pressure. It balances the right and the left side of the brain.
Sit in a comfortable position
Exhale from both nostrils.
Close the right nostril with thumb
Inhale from left nostril and hold for 2 seconds.
Exhale from the right nostril.
Repeat from the other side.
This amounts to one cycle. The recommended cycles are 30 thrice a day. It is very good kriya for balancing the mind.

It is very effective as the results are quick and permanent. Though the point of selection varies from person to person. As this depends on the cause of blood pressure. It could be due to excess of heat in the triple warmer or excess of blood in the heart. Emotional setbacks can also be the cause here. It could also be the pathogenic wind in the liver. Following are the common points to be used in the treatment, LI11, ST36, ST6. These are homeostatic points. In addition to these, the other points are UB18, A3, DU20, LI4.

One can give pressure to the points of heart, kidney, brain and liver to control the blood pressure.
Putting the kidney beans on the kidney points in Sujok system can strengthen it and help in normalizing the blood pressure.

Reiki is wonderful for normalizing the blood pressure. Giving Reiki to the Solar Plexus immediately calms the emotions and brings down the Blood pressure. It is so as the solar plexus is the root cause of it. It not only balances tehh chakras but also reduces the brain waves. It is relaxing and homeostatic in nature. This includes doing regular Reiki on Solar Plexus, Heart and the Third Eye. But to practice Reiki, one needs to take attunement.

VASTU treatment for blood pressure
Blood pressure patients should sleep with their head towards the south. If there is a congestion in the south and south east direction, it will give rise to imbalance in the blood pressure. One can put red blub in the south east direction to cure blood pressure. In a nutshell, Blood Pressure can be cured permanently through alternative methods.


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