The science of creating destiny is Astrology
Since time immemorial, man has always wanted to know what the God’s had kept as a secret. He is eager to unravel the knots of time to know what is hidden in its core. Sometimes he has been puzzled by his circumstances at other times he has wanted to know the outcome of his actions. All these speculations and many more premise gets revealed and sorted through Astrology…the knowledge of God’s.
I have explored this divine knowledge through many years.
The language of the God’s is made easy by the scholars who interpret and study the position of the stars and planets in the divine subject of Astrology.
Astrology as described by Monier, is derived from the Sanskrit word “Jyotish”, meaning light. This light has its source in the heavenly bodies like the sun, moon and other planets or stars. It’s based on the movement of the planets and the stars.
I have been practicing, teaching and learning astrology for the past 20 years. It is an exploration which constantly requires us to upgrade ourselves. Though we would like to believe otherwise, the fact remains that no activity of man happens in isolation. The macrocosm is linked through this divine art of astrology with the microcosmic beings. The universal law of cause and effect is infallible. We have to face the consequences of what we have created. The deeds of many births are reflected in our charts. But interestingly, it is imperative for us to know and realize that we were not doomed to suffer interminably. If astrology tells us where we went wrong, it also guides us through the solutions as well. Astrological remedies try to put many wrongs to right. It can be considered as the blessings of Ganeshji.
Nothing is constant in this universe. A lot can change within a blink of an eye. I have seen that a difference of micro second can change a person’s entire course of destiny. In astrology, accuracy is power. There is an eternal debate in the study of astrology, whether destiny is powerful or free will of the person. The answer to this is that the most powerful operative force is the divine plan of the universe. The more we are able to align with it the better is our lives.
Astrology urges us to be come to our best potential, as it reveals the path to our ultimate bliss.




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