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DR. ANOOP KUMAR is a well known name in the field of Alternative Medicine Treatment with more than 15 years of experience in the field of Alternative Medicine Treatment of more than 25000 patients from all around the world has brought him respect praise and credibility.

Dr Anoop Gupta

In the list of patient he treated in the last 15- years include common man as well as some sort of personality like army officers,generals, Air force officers, chief of air staff,former cabinet secretary Mr. K.M. CHANDRA SHEKHAR ,chief of air staff, He has been also awarded by certificate of appreciation and a medal for his amazing result and service done to the nation by Air Vice Martial Mr. P.V. NAIK.

He has treated more then 20,000 patient in the last 15 years using his integrated approach . His unique system of treatment is a combination and integration of various system of alternative medicine has been extremely successful in Chronic diseases. Like slip disc , Migraine, Colitis, Stress, Insomnia , Diabetes,Weight Loss, etc the list is extremely lengthy .

High Success Rate — Combination of  various therapies  helped him to achieve success rate as high as so in slip disc, chronic back problems and neck problems .

DR . ANOOP KUMAR is a science graduate from University of Delhi after doing graduation he took admission in law faculty of University of Delhi but his enthusiasm and research orientation towards Alternative Treatment popularly did not let him complete his degree in law and he put the law faculty in the final year.And join a degree course in Alternative Medicine Treatment from Kolkata. After completing his B.A.S.M. he completed his M.D. in alternative medicine from U.N. peace university.

He is also president of the Global Acupuncture Su-jok Association and he is one of the few person in the world who is the direct disciple of prof. park jae –woo [the inventer of su—jok ] he has undergone 10 years of training under the guidance of prof jae –woo who has made him one of the finest su-jok graduate in the world.


DR. ANOOP KUMAR completed all his training in the field of Su—jok,twist therapy,six ki, tri—origin acupuncture directly from prof –park jae-Woo [ the inventor of all these therapies ] . prof park jae—woo praised his dedication and knowledge in the field of Alternative Medicine Treatment many times.

He is one of the few person in the whole world who has so much of command and knowledge in more than 50 branches of Alternative Medicine Treatment.


He is a post graduate [jyotish visharad ] in vedic astrology from I.C.A.S. Chennai and thousand of person from all world has taken guidance from him regarding career, health, marriage, and finance etc. once in week he devotes all his time to astrology when people can come and take his advice and guidance.


DR. ANOOP KUMAR is a world famous numerologist. He has expertise over chiero as well as pythagorus system minor changes in the name can produce wonders in your life . He can help you to got rid of your worries and tensions.


He took his training in traditional Chinese medicine [ T.C.M. ACUPUNTURE ] from gujrat university and in the last 15-years More than 30,000 patients have taken health benefit from his knowledge,service and dedication .


In the year 1996 he got his first Reiki initiation and in the year 1998 he become reiki master and in 2000 he was initiated as reiki grand master since then thousands of person has taken various energy initiation from him.


Treatment with color his another expertise which amaze many and they laugh it as psychology treatment .


DR. ANOOP can tell you about your health direction from which you can draw your health benefit from nature after meeting with him he can change your perception towards life.