A combination of classical Acupuncture and Su-Jok, give a wonderful breakthrough in the treatment of slip disc. In most cases, patients do respond to this combination. After a couple of sittings, I add other healing therapies like colours and Tri- origin. Perhaps this unabashed combination of therapies is the secret of easy and sure success. The addition of a particular therapy depends on how much the patient has responded to the previous therapy and how quick he has reached a saturation point with a particular method.
The combination could include Reiki also along with acupuncture and other modalities. I believe that a doctor should have the knowledge about multiple therapies which again may prove to be an asset for his patients. In this way, th patient also need not run from pillar to post for his treatment.

During the treatment I do not recommend the patient to undergo restrictions in the diet. Rather it is advisable to divide the constitution into VATH, PITH, KAPH for optimizing the treatment. In addition to 5this a diet rich in Vitamin D and Phosphorous is recommended. It is important to recommend the correct source of calcium to the patient according to his Prakriti. For eg, suggesting milk to a patient with a Kaph Prakriti is disastrous. In Slip Disc diet is not so restrictive yet, it is a universal medical fact that diet does play a part in disease and health.

In my 18 years of clinical experience, I have found that stress is an important factor causing slip disc and back pain. I have found that patients under stress take more time to recover compared to those who are calm. This is because stress produces spasm in the muscles and nerves. These contracting muscles and nerves take more time to heal in stressed individual.

Acupuncture is a stress buster and there are specific points in the mind and body of the patients. But sometimes these external treatments are not enough then Reiki, breath work and meditation is suggested. This not only helps the patient to heal but also to cope with daily stress. So our treatment is a holistic one. It not only heals the body of the patient, but also the mind, Once the patient leaves our clinic, he is not only physically healed but also mentally alert. This gives us a lot of satisfaction.

Though it may be an area of controversy, yet it is true that planetary positions do explain about the occurrence and the treatment of a disease. I feel that doctors without the knowledge of astrology are incomplete doctors. In the history of medicine, the doctors were required o have knowledge of astrology to treat their patients successfully. I always read the chart of the patient before starting on their treatment.

Slip Disc is 100% curable. Do not get trapped by the suggestion of surgery. Our treatment will make you healthy wherein you will not have the disease visiting you ever.
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