Knee Pain

It is not only an old age problem, but it’s very common among youngsters also. There are many reasons for knee pain, but solutions are not available easily. It is rampant in almost every household. The treatment required for the same is acupuncture and tri origin.

The term was coined by Prof. Park Je woo of Korea. In this therapy, treatment of all diseases whether chronic or acute can be managed. Support of acupuncture is taken for knee pain.

It is either done by modern scientific methods or Oriental methods. In modern methods, X-Ray and MRI are done along with blood and bone density is also checked for pathological changes.

It is done through the condition of eye, tongue, pulse rate and other symptoms. Treatment is possible which gives high success rate.

This depends on the age and the severity of the problem. New cases get healed in less time whereas old cases take comparatively longer. Generally 10- 40 sittings are require on an average for most of the cases. The pain, swelling and inflammation associated with knee pain can be easily be treated with acupuncture and tri-origin. Our success rate is more than 60%, depending on the age of the patient.

Diet plays an important role in healing knee pain. Appropriate diet is recommended according to the Prakriti of the person. Curd should be avoided if he is suffering from joint pain.
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