Nearly 35 years back, when Prof Park invented the Su – Jok therapy, most of the people were not aware of its efficacy. But within past 35 years, it has become a household name. It has proved itself so effective. ‘Su- Jok’ is a Korean word which means ‘hand’ and ‘feet’. There is also a little confusion among laymen. The frequent misconception is that it is a part of acupuncture. It is a totally independent system of healing. In this, all the process is carried out on the hands and feet. Prof. Park Jae Woo, used to say, that this not his discovery. He said that he was just an instrument for the popularization of this therapy. It is actually a gift of the divine, which is practiced for the good of the humanity. He was absolutely true. When one sees the power and effectiveness of Su- Jok, we realize the power of this divine therapy in the 20th century for the 21st century people.

Basically Prof. Park developed correspondence system then he developed the insect system of correspondence on hand and foot. Then he developed the miniature system. It’s like layers of an onion. First is the correspondence system then inside it the insect system is embedded. Results are instantaneous. The stigma of slow results on alternative treatment has been eradicated. It sometimes works faster than allopathic system of treatment. This is the only therapy which can challenge the modern medicine.

After developing the correspondence system, prof. Park developed the chakra system, six Ki, eight Ki, double Diamond, Tri origin, smile meditation, smile Tai chi, colour therapy.

Su – Jok is not an isolated therapy. It contains the power of many systems in it. It works at different levels. A patient has to be healed on different levels. Like, physical, mental and emotional. This is only possible through Su- Jok therapy.

I had a great honour to learn all these systems from Prof. Par Jae Woo himself. This system is getting popular all round the world. But there are misusing the knowledge by spreading the system under some other nomenclature. In our practice we regularly use various modality of SU- JOK along with classical acupuncture. All are very effective.

We regularly conduct courses through correspondence and regular.