Few years back through a research conducted by the Russian Scientists, the direct effect of pressing an acupressure point was evaluated. They had pressed an acupressure point of a patient and took an MRI of the brain to gauge the result. Surprisingly, the part of the brain which controlled the corresponding organ was instantly activated. Lucidly explained it means that, the moment acupressure points are pressed in the hand and foot, it immediately affects the organ to which the point is connected.
For example if the doctors pressed the eye point in the hand and foot of an individual, then the part in the brain which controls the eye organ was activated. Same was tested for kidney and so on. In this way they could map the acupressure points and correlate it scientifically.
I personally guarantee that acupressure points works every time. In my 20 years of practice, I have applied to innumerable patients with amazing results. It is extremely simple to learn. Anyone with minimum literacy can learn this effectively to help self and society.

I would advise everyone to learn this simple but very effective remedy. Be your own doctor.
It is very effective in migraine, nausea, and multiple forms of aches and pains.

Every therapy has its own limitation and acupressure is not an exception. Emergency like accidents, bleeding, snake bite and the like, requires a few more modalities along with acupressure.
I sincerely motivate people to learn and practice this effective tool.

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