Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment may be uniquely beneficial in the treatment of this common clinical problem. Seven auricular points likeHeart, Kidney, San Chiao, and Shen Men, Adrenal, Sub-Cortex, Endocrine,. In addition to these standard 7 auricular points like, Sympathetic, Occiput, and Gallbladder auricular points were also added if reactive or tender. Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment was 3 times per week with a typical duration of 10-12 initial Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment, followed by a 2- to 4-week observational period; 15 of 16 patients had regimens of 15 Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment or fewer; 1 patient received 28 Acupuncture Sleeplessness Treatment total.

Insomnia Treatment has been found to be an effective therapeutic tool in the treatment of HIV-infected patients with sleeplessness syndromes. Sleep architecture is disrupted in all stages of HIV disease. Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment was performed 2 times weekly for 5 weeks. Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment was individualized based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and was reassessed during treatment. Auricular points and body points were used. Significant pre- and post Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment values were noted for time awake, amount of sleep, and sleep quality.

Acupuncture Insomnia Treatment certainly makes sense if you are seeking outside natural treatments for insomnia that do not involve drugs. Most of the acupuncturists can offer you herbal remedies as well.Acupuncture packs its main punch through the needles.


Color therapy Treatment for Insomnia, also known as chromatherapy, is a distinctive way to treat various illness, including sleep disorders. Color therapy Treatment for Insomnia involves exposing oneself to colors in many different ways. Being exposed to many colored lights, meditating or visualising a specific color, and being massaged with different colored oils, or by wearing specific colors can help alleviate physical and emotional sleep ailments.

Color therapy Treatment for Insomnia is a medical practice that should only be employed by trained professionals. Here are some color therapy methods that can be practiced in the comfort of your home:

      • Light candles in your room that give off a blue glow.The blue color is known for its relaxing effect.
    • While focusing on blue and green colors, breathe in by your nose and out through you mouth.By seeing these colors and focusing on your breath, your body will cool down.
    • Decorate your bedroom in blue or green colors. Colors like as red should be avoided.

Few sessions with us and you will never suffer in your life because of sleeplessness ( insomnia).Those who are not getting good sleep or dreamy sleep should also contact.Good sleep is must for good health

Insomnia Treatment protocol

Acupuncture + reiki_+ diet+ vastu+colour therapy+ astrological medical remedies.

If you are suffering from insomnia please come to our centre and talk to other patients who were once insomniacs.