Slip Disc Treatment

Few years back it was thought that back pain and slip disc is a problems of old age. But now a days I see very young persons are suffering from these crippling problems. Every day in my clinic I treat many young and old patients of slip disc and back pain.We are  providing Slip Disc Treatment Without Surgery from more than 15 Years and has treated many patients who has been suggested for surgery by the Doctor.

Slip Disc Treatment Without Surgery Success Rate – 70 – 80 %

Slipped Disc Treatment – Testimonials

Cause of Slipped Disc

Various hypothesis and reasons have been mentioned by various scholars for back pain. But my research and experience has lead me to the conclusion that the most common cause is long duration drive particularly two wheelers.

Also those persons who have traveled a lot on scooters are more vulnerable for slip disc and back pain . Scooter driving and back seat riding produces minor jerks at various disc level. Which create energy imbalances in various Chakras and DU meridian.And results in slip disc and back pain.

Other Cause of  Herniated Disc

Too much sexual activity, nutritional deficiency, heredity, environmental factors, accidents, etc.

Astrological reason of Slip/Herniated disc

Affliction of sixth house and its lord in the horoscope may lead to back problems.

Slipped Disc Treatment

We have attained a very high success rate in the treatment of slip disc and back pain due to our combination therapy.We Provide slipped disc treatment without surgery,bulging disc treatment, herniated disc treatment without surgery,ruptured disc treatment options,how to cure a herniated disc, herniated disc pain relief,healing a herniated disc in Delhi with a high success rate.

Our system of treatment 

Using the combining healing effect of Acupuncture, Acupressure, Reiki, Su-jok,Twist therapy and Yoga.Almost 100%cure of back pain is possible.That’s too without any side or after effect. Without any medicine or chemical.It is great,and the most importantly results are permanent.
In most of the cases of Slip Disc surgery is not required.And we can achieve permanent curing effect ,our result and success rate tells its own story.

Duration of treatment of Slip Disc ranges from 10 to 40 treatments are required to completely cure. Almost all kind of back problems depending upon severity and age of the patient.

Self help 

Back problem can also be cured at home if the problem is not severe by using Reiki and Acupressure and Sujok.