Yoga is largely popularized by growing health concerns and the onslaught of advertisement. It is an ancient lifestyle system which has been our legacy, before it was tried to be replaced by the so called modern health methods. But it is gaining popularity as its benefits are being extensively being felt by people all over. It is a 5000 years old system. The cause of disease is always an imbalance of energy of chakras. As the concept of chakras is a household name, I am sure my readers are aware of these energy centers.

The imbalance of chakras is the most important reasons for diseases. In order to get healthy, we must have balanced. They are responsible for both physical and mental well being of our systems. Sometimes this surprise me that how the yogic postures are curing the diseases. I think the yogic postures create the balance in the chakras. Each posture is connected to more than one chakras. The chakras are connected to the internal organ. Example, the heart chakra is connected to the lungs, heart and the other organs including the nerve cells and tissues around the system. Any problem in these areas will be controlled by the energy of the heart chakra. Imbalance of heart chakra can cause heart disease as well as asthama. There could be different nomenclature for different medical system, but for me the common cause is the imbalance of the heart chakra. So, proper selection of yogic posture can treat all the problems of this area. Maharishi Patanjali is called the father of Yoga. He in his book ASHTANG YOGA, he has given eight categorization of Yoga.

The ultimate yogi is to reach Samadhi. Nowadays people are more keen about the yogic asanas and pranayams to reach health. People generally think  that asanas are all that there is in yoga. But this is not the truth. To understand yoga completely one should start with YAM.

YAM is a character building measure. Yamas and Niyamas constitute the personal and social aspects of good conduct. There are five parts to YAMA.

  1. AHIMSA…. It is about treating all living and non living beings with compassion.
  2. SATYA….. Believe in truth and practice it in words and thoughts and action.
  3. ASTEYA….. One should be honest in all his dealings.
  4. BRAHMACHARYA…. It involves absence of lust and practice of self control.
  5. APARIGRAHA…. Absence of greed to acquire material possessions.

The five NIYAMAS are,

  1. SHAUCH…. It includes both internal and external cleanliness.
  2. SANTOSH….. It is a state of mind and inner peace.
  3. TAPA…. It is the practice of good conduct in the face of difficulties.
  4. SWADHYAYA…. It is purification of mind and spirit with true knowledge of scriptures and education.
  5. ISHWAR PRANIDHAN…. It means dedication of all actions to the supreme God.

Yogic Asanas are more than 84 lakh asanas. It is belived that all these asanas are known only to God Shiv. Out of these only 84 asanas are sufficient to take benefit of all asnas known to mankind. It is sufficient to have enough knowledge of  the subject. Yoga not only works at physical levels, but also at the soul levels. Yoga is also an important mode of treatment. It is 5000 years old. It is mentioned in our scriptures and Lord Krishna is called Yogishwar. This shows the rich legacy of Yoga. It had been practiced by the genteel along with common man. Yoga is becoming popular as an counterpart of the side effects which one sees in modern medicinal practices.

 It has various aspects, as it builds character along with spiritual health. It is not only about asana and pranayam.

Patanjali gave the name of Ashtang Yog. They are,

  1. Yama moral codes
  2. Niyama self-purification and study
  3. Asana posture
  4. Pranayama breath control
  5. Pratyahara withdrawing of the mind from the senses
  6. Dharana concentration
  7. Dhyana deep meditation
  8. Samadhi Union with the object of meditation

We combine Yoga and Pranayam in treating our patients at Chakra Acu. It should be practiced daily as a method of life. But it should be done under the guidance of the experts. Pranayam can damage if done inappropriately the nerves and the soft tissues. It can also disturb the chakras. There are eight chakras and the basic purpose of Yoga is to balance the chakras.

Regular classes on yoga and pranayama are provided at our centre.

As I have mentioned yag is life style so we have to do it regularly.

Treatment of disease like back pain , slip disc, blood pressure , joint pain , anxiety and insomnia. Etc respond so well with yoga and its combination with acupuncture , acupressure and reiki goes very well.

Another benefit of yoga is that it canbe done along with modern medicine

At this point, I feel it necessary to discuss about the various asanas and their power. Yet before one delves in it, the vital information to keep in mind is that Yog is not only a Asana, it is a way of life.

Asanas create balance in the chakras as imbalance of the same is the cause of diseases. But blindly doing asanas can do more harm than good. A sound knowledge of which asana has the power to cure which particular disease is important. This is also linked with that which asana is connected to a particular chakra.

Let’s understand this in a better way. BUJANG asana affects the solar plexus and the throat chakras. Thus all the problems with an imbalanced solar plexus like, anxiety, acidity, back ache, and many more can be treated by this asana. Similarly, problems of the throat chakra like speech, tonsils, thyroid etc can be treated easily.

ARDHMATSAYENDRA Asana corrects the imbalance of the spleen chakra. It is very good for diabetic patients.


Asanas are not aerobic exercises, so should not be treated like one. The breathing during asanas are controlled and easy. The body should be flexible and comfortable. They have a spiritual significance and should be treated similarly. One should listen to one’s body. If an asana makes one feel tired or pained then something incorrect is going on there. Doing Yoga under the supervision of an expert is mandatory. Learning this spiritual practice from the right instructor is very important, who understands your requirements and your physical health.

I have come across many slip disc problems which has occurred due to doing the BHASTRIKA PRANAYAM OR KAPALBHATI wrongly. Same way incorrect method of ANULOM VILOM can result in neurological disorders.

We regularly conduct classes and send experts for home visits.