If the needles are stimulated with electric current, then the flow needs to be regulated as irregularity of the current can be harmful.

If herbs are being used along with Acupuncture then there is a possibility of an impending allergy. If Moxiwul is kept very close to the skin then there is a chance of the patient experiencing a burn. Cupping can also leave scars on the skin which would fade only after 4- 5 days.


There can be cases where the specialist feels that the individual would benefit through an allopathic treatment, and then the patient is advised accordingly. For example in case of malaria, specialists can advice the patient to take an allopathic treatment along with the Acupuncture. But the allopathic treatment is also not fool proof. There are many illness like, migraine, slip- disc, Blood pressure, diabetes and the like which requires prolong treatment of an allopath for cure. Yet in such cases, the cure cannot be guaranteed. Whereas it is interesting to note that Acupucture can give a permanent cure.