This is very surprising that in spite of the fact that though directions influence us in all spheres of life, we hardly ever pay attention to it. It is no magic that our ancestors have built temple facing the east and the mosques, the west. Is it mere fluke that the sun rises in east and sets in west? Isn’t there a logical reason for this? If one digs deep into this phenomenon, one could realize that direction influences each and every part of our life.

I will discuss an experiment here. Suppose you have a headache. Try sitting in various different directions to see which direction gives relief. Note it and stay in that direction for half an hour. You will feel your headache disappearing slowly and you will be filled with peace. Correct direction is very powerful, as it can heal not only your physical self but also your emotional issues. It can heal chronic diseases like cancer. It is a matter of quantity and not quality. It is all a matter of how much time you spend in that direction. This means it may take half hour to heal a problem and it can also take a year to heal cancer.

I generally use the power of direction to heal my patients with acupuncture treatment. No one direction is universal. Everyone has their own healing direction. But once detected and used to heal, miracles can happen.

Another suggestion is, suppose you sleep in a particular direction and you want to check whether it is good for you or not. Strangely you will notice that your legs will be of unequal length if your direction is wrong. The moment you sleep in the correct direction, the legs fall at the same length.  Vastu is a directional predictive and healing science.

Our subconscious mind is the storehouse of divine guidance. It always guides us to the right direction, yet we seldom want to follow its advice. For example, a baby or a toddler changes their position in sleep. This is because their subconscious is guiding them towards the right direction, in spite the mother making them sleep in a particular way.

Even animals understand the importance of direction. The dog, shifts and changes his direction before settling in a particular way. The animal is here is using the healing properties of directions. The dogs are considered to have better sixth sense than humans. But humans have developed brains so we can use the power of mind understand the healing properties.  Observe and come to the conclusion.

Even someone has a severe back pain, make the patient  sleep in different directions changing 15% at one stretch. The moment the correct direction is found, he can sleep facing that and gradually he will be healed. People spend crores of money on different types of treatments, but thorough knowledge of directional science can cure him at very less cost. One buys a mattress worth a lakh, but it hardly has any effect. But the knowledge of vastu can change your life at very less cost.

If a student s not able to concentrate on his studies, make him study facing north. His grades will increase by 20% – 30%, within the same condition. It is advisable to eat facing east. It gives positive vibrations but also improves direction and finances and earns more dollars. It is especially for people in the fifth house but applies to all in general. Even in restaurant choose a table with better direction for good digestion rather than the one with a better view of the television. Directions have electromagnetic waves, which matches the ones in your aura. So the direction which has the same electromagnetic waves as you is your favourable direction. As few directions are fixed. The directions north and north east are assigned to wealth, as it belongs to Jupiter and mercury. So energizing this direction will bring abundance. This is according to Indian Vastu. It can be done by putting the idol of Lord Ganesha in North or North west.

It can also heal relationships. Relationships depend on the south west direction. Regular cleaning and hanging pictures of love birds or Radha Krishna can help immensely. One can also place rose quartz crystals or crystal bowl.

The magic of Vastu is numerous, one needs o explore it with an open mind.