Karnua Reiki

Reiki is the cosmic energy prevalent all around, which is channeled for the highest good by the practitioners. This cosmic energy can be personalized by the increased consciousness by the 12 symbols of the Karuna Reiki. One of the many wonderful characteristics of Karuna Reiki is its inherent potential to increase our ability to discern spiritual guidance.

Karuna is a Sanskrit word which means love and its translated meaning points at any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others. In other words, it is compassionate action which is divinely guided. It aims at individual’s enlightenment where the person feels that all beings are the same.

Karuna Reiki was brought in by the great master William L. Rand in Michigan, USA in 1995. The presiding deity of Karuna Reiki is Lord Avaloketeshwara. The healing method is enhanced with complete surrender to the same. The 12 symbols of Karuna Reiki have specific functions and the practitioner can use them in a series of three. The symbols are chosen according to the healing required by the client or the practitioner. This powerful healing method sees to the eradication of a lot of inner darkness and ego. One learns to find peace through the release of fear. It also heals to build trust in the divine and have acceptance for the circumstances of life.

The interesting part of Karuna Reiki is that the symbols are activated after one call in the Usui Reiki symbols. The four Usui Reiki symbols pave the way for the accurate functioning of the Karuna symbols. These symbols require intonating and chanting for activation. The energy of the symbols increase through the vibration, which the practitioner creates, by chanting its name. It makes us learn to respond to all circumstances in our life by merging the source with our human form. It is powerful enough to cleanse us at the cellular level and release our blocks. Karuna Reiki can be described as the spiritual essence of universal compassion. It perfectly blends with the universal love vibration of Usui Reiki to bring about profound transformation and deep healing

The symbols have specific and special powers like,

Releasing past life issues

Removing traumas

Releasing entity




Divine self

Activating peace

Gaining power

Increasing love

The first symbol is zonar followed by other 11 symbols like harth, halu, shanti, gnosa, rama, kriya, eava,Tibetan dia ko mio,om etc.

Karuna is like specialization . whereas the usui symbols are general karuna symbols are specific

For example zonar symbol is for viral infection ,

Symbol shanti is for reducing anything like reducing pain , weight etc.

Symbol rama is for grounding and it also help in taking the right decisions.

Symbol gnosa is for improving memory

Symbol kriya for manifestation of good results

Symbol halu for cotacting spiritual being

Symbol harth for healing the heart chakra

Karuna reiki can only be learn after taking usui reiki initiation.We also Provide Karuna Reiki Training

Duration of  Karuna Reiki Training is 4 days