It is worth noting that each number comes with its own vibration circuit. They contribute to our lives with happiness or struggles. In other words, each number tells a story about us. This can also be termed as the mystical relationship between the numbers and the person. Everyone is born with a blueprint of life which is called destiny.
It helps to modify one’s name. Few years ago a friend of mine wanted to guide him about his future. But he didn’t have his correct time of birth, which is mandatory for any astrological predictions. But he was very effectively helped through his date of birth and his name.

Dr. Anoop uses different types of numerology like chiero, pythagorus and chinese. Consolidation and combination of thses three types of numerology give wonderful results. Though the approach of these are different, combination of all can move mountains. It can be possible that may be a lakh worth Neelam cannot work, but numerological remedies and change of name can give great results. It can help in selecting car house or phone numbers. It is not possible in astrology or palmistry It can help in selecting the correct partner or employee. It tells the compatibility of numbers.

If the ruling number is 4 he is fit for management and hard work but not for marketing. If a person’s number is 5 he is good for marketing but will be disastrous for management. It justifies the adage of ‘The right job for right person.’
Numerology is the study of numbers. They can guide about a person’s past, present and future. The other modalities for predicting a person’s future, but numerology apart from doing the same can also talk about the lucky colour, house, vehicle, lottery numbers and many more. There are few different forms of numerology, like, Pythagoras, Chiro and Chinese.


Each letter has been assigned a number. The process requires to change each letter into a number. Example :-
A- 1, B-2, C-3, D-4, E-5, F-6, G-7, H-8, I-9,
J-1 and so on. This is the Pythagorean sequence of numbers. To understand this better I will take a case study of an imaginary person named Ram Singh.
R- 9, A- 1, M-4
S- 1, I-9, N-5, G- 7, H-8

The numerology value will be 7

According to the Chiero system, the values of the letters are different.
A-1, B-2, C3, D-4, E-5, F-8, G-3, H-5, I-1,
J-1, K-2, L-3, M-4, N-5, O-, -8, Q-1, R-2,
S-3, T-4, U-6, V-6, W-6, X-1, Y-1, Z-8

In Chiro system, no letter is assigned to number 9. For a layman, a dilemma arises that which method to follow? With my 15 years of continuous practice and research, it is seen that the best method is a harmonious synthesis of both the systems. Both the methods are equally good. One’s effort should be to harmonize and synchronize both the system. According to the Chiro system, our case, Ram Singh will be, R-2, A-1, M-4 =7
S-3, I-1, N-5, G-3, H-5= 17/8

The quality of number is same in both, like 15/6 is very good in both the systems. So, one can conclude broadly that Ram Singh’s name is good for him. Now let us synchronize the name with Date of Birth. Suppose the DOB is
15/ 03/ 1990

This is just a glimpse of what all can be done with few numbers. The next big step I here is numeroscope. It is definitely possible to predict a person’s life in daily, weekly, monthly and yearly slots. It is interesting to note that there are some numbers which we keep seeing everywhere around us. It could be the token at the parking lot or something as inane as the number we are standing in the queue to submit our exam forms. Mostly they are numbers like, 4, 6, 8. It is possible that these specific numbers are synchronized in your children or wife’s DOB. In the case of our example Ram Singh, 15/6, chances are that his house or vehicles have the same number. Now coming to the important thought playing in all our minds are that how to calculate this lucky number. Before I proceed any further, I would like to clarify that “lucky” number is not the guarantee of all going well for you always. Rather it means that on those particular dates, the energy for you is very high so significant things pertaining to either good or bad may occur.

Few people calculate the lucky number from the DOB and few others take the sum total of DOB, MONTH, YEAR. In my opinion the later system is better. Suppose your DOB is 25/ 10/ 2001.= 7/ 1/ 3= 11/2=2
As 1 is a master number it will not be reduced to 2. The mystery of the same I will revealed in face to face discussion. Please join my numerology class to know about the magic of numbers. The other master numbers are 11, 22, 33.


For example, the person discussed above will do important events on 11 of every month. It could be increments, marriage, child birth, divorce etc. Whether good or bad events are happening on that day will be revealed by numeroscope. It is a lengthy process and a practical tool discussed in the class or in my later articles soon to be published on this site. As we are aware that numbers enhance our luck, so the numbers can be used on Talisman or yantra to enhance the same. My teacher and guide Prof. Park divide the numbers according to their triorigin vibrations.


Tri origin numbers are a fascinating system of treatment. Like if someone is suffering from high BP, or palpitation, write the number 7 in a plain paper and stick it to the right hand of the person. The discomfort will sure reduce. Different ailment can be cured by the [power of numbers. The subject is vast and this space is less for me to discuss all. You can wear your lucky number in a locket for high energy or stick it on the soft board in your office and see it every day to invite good energies in your life. It can be used to select life partner, employee, house the list is endless. You will be surprised at the efficacy of it. It is possible to meditate on your lucky number to imbibe its vibration and make it talk to you.

I want to share an incident with my readers. The night before I had decided to learn numerology from my teacher, I saw a dream, where I was told that no number is negative. There are many professional who consider 4 and 8 to be unlucky numbers. But each number has its unique vibrations which can be used for the best once synchronizes and harmonized. There are different types of numbers like master, talent, destiny, kua and karmic.


It is important to study the past and the future as it shows the pattern from previous to present. If someone has a mahadasha of karmic numbers, he has to learn the lessons which he has been avoiding since few births.
Like, 11 is a master and karmic number. If operative, shows problems in relationships. The number 16 denotes a fall from height. The same is denoted through the ‘Tower’ card in Tarot. Here, the person is falling as there is fire behind him. So, this number will denote a fall from grace. The fall could be physical, financial, fame etc. The advice for the same is to correct the spelling of the name and use it as frequently as possible.


The role of the numerologist is to check name and harmonize it with DOB. A Talisman can be given if a vital number is missing. The wearing of certain gems can be suggested to bring about required changes and support. It is not a game of numbers, rather, a very vast field. Every number has its potential and power.

We provide training in pythogorus, cheiro and chinese system. Learn all three together or separately. Classes are held individually and in group. Numerous people learned with Anoop Kumar through all these years. It can be learned through whatsapp, correspondence or regular.