The other name for anxiety is ‘HELL’. I use such harsh term because I have gone through the journey and been back. So, I know its intensity. Most of the people, see this as an emotional condition, charged by inner turmoil. Anxious person shows nervous behavior. Few people show complaints of stomach pain without any physical cause. It is an unpleasant feeling of any anticipated event like eminent death, failure. But anxiety is not same as fear. Fear always has a stimulus. So, anxiety is an expectation of the fear.


Overreaction to a situation accompanied by muscular tension, fatigue and nausea.


Everyone has gone through it sometime or the other. But it becomes a disease when it continues and almost everything becomes a trigger.


There are few types of anxieties, like mathematical, traumatic, social, danger and few more. I had mathematical anxiety.


Anxiety is 100% curable. It can be managed and cured using a wise combination of Acupuncture, Acupressure and Reiki. In my 20 years of experience, I have treated anxiety with 100% success rate. With this combination treatment, one can relax more and is able to handle the stress much better. The associated symptoms like sleeplessness, breathlessness, palpitation, loss of memory and lack of concentration can be effectively treated.

give us a chance to make you relax

anxiety and stress is 100% curable

By DR. Anoop Kumar


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