An inevitable phenomenon in a woman’s life would include both Menarche as well as Menopause. Each phase of human life corresponds to the chronological age of the individual. Strangely, when a person is younger and in the initial stages of growth, there are numerous family members and well-wishers who see her through it. Yet as the person grows older, the support system definitely is on the decline. So, a Menopausal woman would not only dealing with her physiological discomforts but also her psychological issues.

What is important for a therapist here is to focus on the psychological shifts. The cessation of periods leads to lack of production of estrogen, which in turn give the secondary comforts and proper functioning of her internal organs. As the ovaries age and release fewer hormones, FSH and LH can no longer perform their usual functions to regulate  estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. These changes in the levels of hormones can significantly affect your health for years to come. Although there are permanent changes in the hormone levels, still the symptoms like hot flushes and palpitation can either recede in few months or continue for decades.

The easiest way to curb the symptoms of hot flushes, palpitations, night sweats, loss of libido, memory lapses and the like is to inject or orally consume hormone supplements. Yet as a holistic therapist and a wellness expert, I would never recommend such supplements. My reasons are simple, that is, one should allow nature to do its handiwork. Menopause is as natural as menarche. Neither can be avoided nor delayed, as everyone has her unique natural rhythm. Acupuncture as a certified holistic treatment, aims at establishing the natural balance and harmony of the body so that the person can sail through the difficult phases. Acupuncture apart from treating the physical ailments, is a great instrument of psychological well being. The by product of any treatment is a feeling of peace and calm. Acupuncture definitely does not stimulate the artificial production of the above mentioned hormones, but it sure makes an individual come to term with the natural changes in her physical and emotional self.

In my 20 years of practice as an Acupuncturist, I have noted that the symptom which bother my patients most due to menopause is anxiety. The keen desire to be appreciated and accepted as earlier can sometimes lead people to feel very anxious. This feeling of anxiety is not consciously stimulated. So, the patient is most often than not even aware that her behavior is governed by it. The patient along with her family members suffer due to this. So much so, that daily functioning becomes an arduous task. Here Acupuncture is an excellent process of healing and restoring the well being of the individual.

Acupuncture and Su-Jok, helps in the management of pre and post menopausal syndrome. Acupuncture points P6, S7, D20, are very effective in managing the same. Though the points are customized according to the needs of the individual patient. The chosen therapies are used judiciously as per the requirement. Our special breathing technique like Yogic Breath, help in managing the emotional upheavals. I have created a very effective method, which is practiced extensively on my patients called Acu Breathing. Which in turn help in easing the trauma experienced during this period. The diet plays a very important role here. The individual is advised to eat according to her needs, which is neither excessive nor frugal.


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