Reiki changed my life it will change yours too. I was suffering intensely with various issues and was saved by Mother Reiki. If you feel your life is on a perfect tract with no roadblocks, then you can afford to skip this article on th emost powerful healing modality. The word Reiki has its roots in two words: Rei means universal and Ki means life force. Ki is the energy that all things are made of, in other words it’s a journey from the physical planes of consciousness to the spiritual planes of universal unconsciousness. Reiki as a healing modality works on the mind, body and spirit by stimulating a person’s own natural healing abilities.

This healing modality was channeled by the Japanese Monk Dr. Mikao Usui. He had been in a meditative trance for 21 days. He then realized that he was filled with spiritual powers and a new level of awareness, which in turn was called REIKI. The grace of Reiki is like a plethora of miracles. Reiki is a method of inviting happiness in one’s life. The moment one gets attuned to Reiki, the entire universe is there to help the individual in every way.


  1. To cure any disease or problem, one needs to do full body Reiki.
  2. Reiki is always received and not given.
  3. Reiki healing yields results only when given with compassion.
  4. It is advisable for the healer to surrender o the miracles of Reiki rather than give multiple instructions.
  5. The opportunity of healing is not only a boon for the healee, but also for the healer.
  6. Reiki is the grace and love of God, it can only heal and rejuvenate but never harm.

Reiki channels need to make this modality a part of their daily lives. It needs to be continued practice even after the mandatory 21 days. Reiki meditation if done regularly and sincerely can open door for miracles in your lives. Anything can be manifested with Reiki for the highest good.

Reiki’s healing powers are amplified when used with allied crystals, semi-precious as well as precious stones. This is an excellent method of healing any psychological or emotional aberrations. Specifically crystals like Rose Quartz and Amethyst. Reiki has many associated tools which speeds up the healing and the manifestation process. Reiki Grid is one of them.

Reiki crystal grid is the extension of the Reiki box taught at second level. It is an excellent tool for Reiki as well as non Reiki practitioners. All one needs to get it charged by the Master and experience the magic unfold! We are living in a world of changes and challenges. If modern living has made our lives easy with amenities and comforts, it has also introduced some recurring pains and aches to trouble us persistently. The reason is that there are some areas of our lives which need intense healing. These pains occur to drag our attention to those areas of our lives. If one does simple regular chakra healing, slowly he will become aware of that part of life which requires intense healing. There are 4 levels of Reiki.

  1. FIRST LEVEL— It deals with self-healing and getting familiar with working with energy.
  2. SECOND LEVEL—- In this level the practitioner is attuned to three powerful symbols. These symbols work as sentinels which protect, heal and manifests our wishes.
  3. THIRD A LEVEL—- The master symbol is given at this level. This symbol lends almost super powers t the practitioner.
  4. THIRD B LEVEL— This is the master teacher level. The person can teach Reiki to others after being attuned to this level.
  5. GRANDMASTER—- The practitioner is introduced to tremendous energy at this level. At this level, thoughts itself become intention leading to manifestations.

I have been teaching and attuning people all over the world for the last 20 years. Each day has been a new learning experience with various people sharing their life events after they have allowed Reiki in their lives.



Mr. Nair was a man with multiple aches when he approached me for a cure. He used to have recurring shoulder pain since past 6 years. Even repeated visits to medical practitioners and bagful of medicines could hardly give him any relief. After being attuned to Reiki, he immediately felt lightness in his shoulders. This was the first such occurrence in his life. With regular practice of the same, he became aware of the responsibility issues which he had been carrying since so many lifetimes. Reiki also reveals the past life karmic blocks. He is completely healed now with regular Reiki healing.


Ms. Mitali was a diffident and fidgety college student when she was brought to me for Reiki guidance. Regular Reiki practice helped her to overcome her nervousness and fear. She comes across a confident lady who is eagerly helping others reach their goals through the compassion of Reiki.


Mr. Lal had approached me for a cure for his severe pain in his knees. It was difficult for him even to climb one flight of stairs. Interestingly by the time he was attuned to the Third A level of Reiki, he used to share stories in our class of his evening games sessions with his grandchild.


Ms. Ranjana had a relationship issue which she was struggling with for past three years. She was involved with a gentleman who always had reasons to avoid commitment. She arrived at our center in a distraught state but very adamant. Once she was attuned to Reiki Second level, she felt herself getting detached from the entire situation. By the time she reached the Grandmaster level, she had completely got over this toxic relationship and is now ready to marry a caring and sensitive man.


Children suffer silently sometimes as their discerning abilities are less at younger age. A child of 10 years old was brought to my clinic who was suffering from recurrent nightmares. He was attuned to the First level of Reiki. Once he started practicing regularly, his dreams changed. He started sleeping peacefully and miraculously by the time he was attuned to the Second level of Reiki, he got absolutely cured.

The above few cases are actual miracle of the power of Reiki. Reiki not only gives relief from aches and allied issues, but it also traces the root of the problem. The healing thus is permanent and at all levels. It is interesting to note that Reiki is an intelligent energy with its own consciousness. It always works for one’s highest good. If an event or person is not good for you, Reiki will very gently remove the situation from your environment. This process will neither pain nor harm as it is mentioned that it is for your highest good. Reiki is a multidimensional healing modality. The energy needs to be allowed at every level of your life for a complete rejuvenating possibility. It cures mental, physical, financial, health, relationship, karma, and many more effortlessly. The stipulated time for Reiki healing is 21 days, but depending on the problem and its intensity, the healing needs to be continued as much. It is divine energy so it can only do well for all. Reiki blends quite well with other healing modalities too. I have personally used Reiki with Acupuncture, Pranic, Colour Therapy, Su –Jok, Astrology, Acupressure and numerology. In other words, I have used it alongside 35 therapies with amazing results with amazing results.

Modern living has brought with it many drawbacks along with facilities. Obesity is a growing menace of leisure living. Reiki is very effective for weight reduction also. Along with medical treatment, proper diet and exercise, Reiki helps to put a person’s life on track. Reiki can help a person reach his ideal weight. Water and Crystals can be programmed with Reiki or manifestations and healing. Fever can be reduced by giving Reiki water to the patient. This is the only modality, which originally requires attunement. Reiki needs to be learned through a registered Master in person.


We regularly conduct classes at our healing Centers. Those who wish to get attunement are welcome to contact. We conduct classes at different venues on invitation. I have been conducting classes for last 20 years.




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