As a child, sleep to us was akin to mother’s touch. The security and the peace a child feels with a great sleep cannot be replaced by any riches! Yet, more often than not, we compromise on our sleep. We have been able to interestingly complicate and clutter our lives to such an extent, that the 24 hours of a day seems lesser than direst less! Science would list numerous health benefits for sleeping adequately, but I would just say that sleep connects us to our subconscious where all the miracles are created.
I would put up a probe for all my readers here. Are you sleeping well or enough?
The hours we spend at sleeping seems less important than the quality of sleep we experience. Undisturbed sleep in today’s time is a luxury as our conscious mind is always active and thinking. This could also be the reason, why subconscious is not easily reached and law of attraction works in intervals.
We all are well aware that our body contains various channels through which energy flows. These channels are called meridians. According to ANCIENT CHINESE MEDICINE, every meridian is activated every couple of hours. This is so that our energy matrix remain balanced and individual health and stamina is never compromised. However if any particular meridian is troubled or blocked then energy flow becomes restrictive. The meridians have certain hours designated to them, where they work at their optimum. If sleep patterns are disturbed during those hours, then that associated meridian becomes blocked.
Let’s analyze and reflect on our snooze time.

9:00 PM to 11:00 PM:-
This the average time slot when most of us press the snooze button. During the day we have tight schedules, huge pressure and endless to – do lists. So, naturally when our head hits the pillow during these hours, Sleep evades us, as we carry the pressure and anxiety with us. The meridian related to this time frame is the TRIPLE BURNER. It corresponds to our hypothalamus and the endocrine system. The element related to this meridian is fire. So, when any anxiety or stress stops you from resting at this time, may lead to indigestion, anxiety loops, and high blood pressure.
The question to be asked yourself here is “Do you lack pleasure in your life?

The best method to balance the Chi is Reiki. Reiki is an amazing practice to bring about a harmony in our system. It is a boon for the modern lifestyle practice. We conduct regular Reiki workshops both online and offline at our Centre. One cannot wish away the pressures and the anxieties of daily living, it needs to be sorted and worked on. The Triple Burner corresponds to the THIRD EYE CHAKRA. So, people who have trouble relaxing and sleeping within this time slot is considered to have a disturbed Third Eye Chakra. Our readers can check the details about this chakra and its allied functions in my book REIKI YOG DHARMA. This meridian corresponds to the Earth Element which in turn denotes tranquility. Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Labradorite are few crystals which helps to activate and balance the third eye, which further soothes the hypothalamus meridian. Indian system of healing is incomplete without taking in consideration the food one eats and herbs distinguishes our cuisines from any other. Mushroom and Brahmi is excellent to activate the third eye chakra which in turn is associated with the Triple Burner. One should also practice meditation and spend quality time with oneself.

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